Qualifying for and securing PACE financing can be a complex process. RAHILL helps customers with every aspect of PACE:

RAHILL Capital's Services

We expedite the funding and approval process and pull together the most financially attractive solution for your needs.

Services and Expertise:

  • Interpretation, Application of PACE Legislation – With a clear understanding of PACE legislation, RAHILL guides property owners to the maximum the amount of PACE funding for a project while avoiding obstacles along the way.
  • Enacting Municipal Ordinances – RAHILL has worked with dozens of municipalities to pass ordinances to participate in PACE legislation.
  • Energy Engineering Studies – Partnering with engineers who understand PACE scope and requirements, RAHILL will design the scope of work necessary for lender and district approval and review final reports.
  • Mortgage Lender Consent   RAHILL has a proven track record of securing mortgage lender support – even those lenders new to PACE financing. Prior to closing, we secure written mortgage lender consent as a necessary part of the underwriting and application packages.
  • Interaction with Other Funding Sources – Incentives play a critical role in funding today’s development deals, and our experience with layering TIF, CID, TDD, tax abatement and other specialized incentives with PACE funding can maximize the impact of your incentives. We will work hand-in-hand with your accountants to incorporate PACE into your financial proforma.
  • Negotiating Terms – Not limited to any one funding source, RAHILL negotiates with every major PACE capital provider to find the most attractive financial package for you – incorporating the best rate and amortization, understanding your financial objectives, and negotiating pre-payment terms, construction period terms, and capitalized interest periods.
  • Legal Closing Documents – As a relatively new funding mechanism, few attorneys have the experience to close a PACE deal efficiently.  Our team of attorneys have completed multiple PACE closings and can provide you with the experience needed to keep legal costs in check and, more importantly, reduce delays and unexpected problems at closing.
  • Post Closing – After closing, RAHILL will provide proof of a properly filed assessment.

RAHILL principals have initiated and guided statewide efforts to form PACE districts.

Without Mortgage Lender Consent, your PACE deal stalls.

RAHILL’s experienced professionals know how to navigate the process and secure lender consent.